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This site provides an introduction to the essential ideas of computing, geared for a high school or college audience with no prior experience. It was created by Nick Parlante, working at both Google and Stanford who have supported this work. All of the text, code, and exercises is freely available to use or re-mix. The strategy of the site is allowing the students to write short bits of javascript code to run in the browser and see the results immediately. The largest module enables simple image-processing in the browser, and there are also units for table/data processing, and monte carlo simulation.

Probably the easiest way to use this material is just point students to a few pages to play with, paired with some live lecture demos. Alternately, anyone is free to host/edit the Javascript and HTML themselves to customize it. The text is available under the Creative Commons share-alike license, and the code is under the Apache license.)

The materials were first tried in Stanford's CS101 course taught in Jan 2011. The materials will be tuned and expanded for the next offering of CS101 in Jan 2012.

Feel free to email Nick with any comments or suggestions. Teachers: if you are using this material, even for just an hour, I'd love to hear about it as I very much want feedback on how this is working in the classroom.

Thanks to Google and Stanford for supporting this work, and to dino team at Google for great suggestions and help with Javascript.

This work was created by Nick Parlante and is released under the Creative Commons Share-Alike license 3.0